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We are looking for highly motivated graduate students. Please take care for your application that:

  • The language of the course will be English, thus you need to prove sufficiently good english skills.

  • We will run modeling experiments in R environment, thus you need some level of programming skils.

  • We will teach on theoretical ecology and biogeography, thus you need to have taken ecology classes.

  • You need some knowledge on plant physiology and ecophysiology.

About the course

This course is part of  a Postgraduate Summer School at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences (University of Chile). Joining the summer school you can study at a Latin American leading university and experience living in Southern Chile. The summer school will run an intensive but stimulating program that gives Postgraduate students (Master and Ph.D.) the chance to increase their knowledge on Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences.

Link with more information on the Summer School:

You can ask for a free registration if you are:
- a student of the Graduate School of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of the University of Chile
- a graduate student of the University of Chile
- a student of the Global Challenge University Alliance Network (GCUA),
- a student of other international University with an agreement with the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of the University of Chile

We have a limited number of scholarships available for Latin American students living outside Chile. Please tick the box on your application if you need this financial support.


The course will take place at the Antumapu campus of the University of Chile, located at Avenida Santa Rosa n°11315, La Pintana. You can get there by subway train to Santa Rosa station (L4A), then take a bus (10 minutes) and get off at the bus stop 32 on Santa Rosa Avenue. To plan your trip, we recommend using Google Maps.



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